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JOB and INTERN: Looking for some talented folks to hire at TokBox

TokBox is looking for people to join its San Francisco-based team to work on OpenTok, a game-changing new platform that enables Web sites to weave live, group video conversations into their application.  These are some of the positions for which they are currently recruiting:

Internship (Summer 2011)

Do you love creating kick-ass demos that astonish?  Do you bring both design and coding skills to the plate?  Can you crank out demo code at top speed?  Do you like to talk about the five different things you built last month?  TokBox is looking for interns who will imagine and create brilliant demos using the OpenTok platform.  Working in our San Francisco office, this paid summer position will work with our marketing, product and engineering organizations to create demos that educate, amaze and amuse.  If you’ve got the imagination and the chops, we invite you to come play for the summer in the city by the bay.  Location:  San Francisco.

Developer Evangelist (Full-Time)

Are you passionate about technology? Do you enjoy playing or working with leading-edge technologies and APIs? Do you like to explain how things work? Are you looking for an exciting role that will allow you to flex your technology, business and communications skills?  TokBox is hiring Developer Evangelists.  Your role will be to engage with the broad community of developers, partners, industry groups and other influential users to show them what’s possible with OpenTok and the TokBox Platform. You will also serve as their advocate, representing their needs to the broader TokBox team and ensuring they are met. Your ultimate mission is to establish, nurture and grow a thriving eco-system of applications and businesses, built on the TokBox Platform.  Location:  Flexible.

Front-End Engineer (Full-Time)

Do you enjoy building intuitive user experiences?  Are you an expert at making applications work across a range of browsers, operating systems and devices?  Are you knowledgable in both JavaScript and Flash environments?  TokBox is looking for a front-end engineer who brings both design sensibility and robust software engineering skills to the plate, and who loves building libraries, user components and tools that free developers to create really innovative applications.  If you think in UX but write robust code, and you’re interested in making the web a more engaging, face-to-face environment, this is the job for you.  Location:  San Francisco.

API Engineer (Full-Time)

Do you walk, talk and dream APIs? If you’re the sort of person who enjoys designing APIs, implementing them and evangelizing the platform, we need you!  TokBox is building a world-class engineering team that will revolutionize how video conversations occur on the Web. We are building OpenTok, a highly scalable platform with public APIs that enables developers all over the world to integrate video communications into their Web applications.  Your role will be to help develop the OpenTok platform, designing, architecting and implementing rich Server/Client APIs and implementing our next-generation browser-based video communications SDK.  Location:  San Francisco.

For more information, come check us out at  And contact us by email, referencing your relationship to the ITP program in the subject line, at

Ian Small | CEO
TokBox Inc.