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[JOB] The Metropolitan Museum of Art is looking for a few good geeks!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Digital Media Department is looking for an Information Systems Developer, and a Media Technology Developer.

Media Technology Developer: this is the “gadget gal”, the arduino nerd, the device dude, the interface coder, etc. My Team (Media Lab), is in charge of pulling apart new technologies, figuring out how they work, how they don’t work, and what they could be used for in the museum. Production work will involve coding for various devices, HTML5/JS/CSS, etc. I think the term “Creative Technologist” would be a better description, but HR won’t let me use that. You may call it “Unicorn.” I’m not looking for someone who already knows all the technology involved; just someone who wants to be that person.
Information Systems Developer: this is the person who’s going to feed the media developer with all the data and intelligence they need to make it happen. We use all sorts of systems here: MSSQL, MySQL, C#, PHP, ActionScript, Drupal, Sitecore, SemanticWeb tools, and want to get into more. Again, not looking for someone who can already do this stuff, but someone who likes the idea of trying.
Both positions will be heavily involved in the local cultural tech community.