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[INTERN] Intern Opportunities with Multimedia Chelsea Gallery Show

These are unpaid internships — hours are flexible!

Technical Assistant for Multimedia Chelsea Gallery Show  

“Fair” will be a conceptual installation exploring the art fair paradigm, the “fairness” of the art world, and the fair use doctrine of the copyright law. Half of the gallery will be transformed into a TV studio that will receive live remote streamed video while also controlling six reels of video and audio content simultaneously playing on six monitors and various speakers.  The live video will interrupt the programming as “breaking news” bulletins.

I am looking for one or more people with the following skills:

Website Design
Create and maintain a website with multiple windows playing video content simultaneously.

Video/Audio Design and Editing

Aggregate video clips and edit for presentation

Video/Audio Engineer

Help with presentation of tech materials in gallery for final presentation

Credit offered if accepted by school. These are unpaid positions, though you are welcomed to have unlimited access and use of my midtown studio.  In addition you will be working closely with the artist, film maker and audio technician with over seventy five years of combined experience, as well as gallery personel. 

Please feel free to contact me for more details or with any questions.

Thank You,

Mikel Glass