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[INTERN] Physical Computing/Arduino developer at Plant-in City

Internship: Physical Computing/Arduino developer at Plant-in City


We are looking for an intern to help us out during the summer and potentially the fall/winter. We are building our first large-scale “Plant-in City” art installation in New York and need someone who can help us in during the R&D  and build stages of our project.


Plant-in City is a modular terrarium architecture with embedded sensors and actuators that support plant life. Our goal is to create a new immersive experience that blends technology and nature together—think Internet of Plants, to give you an idea.


We finished our Kickstarter campaign successfully and we got great press from WIRED, Core77 and Treehugger among others. We are currently working on putting together an ambitious interactive art installation to be launched in the fall/winter.


Our ideal intern candidate has:


  •     Knowledge of Arduino hardware, shields and code
  • Decent physical computing skills (in particular soldering and circuit design)
  • Self-motivation to research and figure out the solution to a bug when troubleshooting
  • Optional: Knowledge of ZigBee radios and sensor networks
  • Optional: Knowledge of Pachube/Cosm API or similar IoT web services
  • Optional: Knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript optimized for mobile devices


We have a modest budget for the summer and we could arrange school credit during a fall internship if so desired.


If interested, email me a URL with relevant work at