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[CALL / TEACHING] Imagima @ The Aaron School

I am an art teacher at a special needs school in midtown and would LOVE LOVE LOVE to bring in some collaborators this spring and this summer– installation, digital/video, costume, and performance/movement/interactive interests are especially welcome.

In case you aren’t familiar with special populations, we serve a pretty broad range of learners but many of our students are on the autism spectrum and have sensory regulation needs. Because of this, I love creating space for my little artists to explore these sensory stimulations in creative ways!
One project in particular is the Music Video Club– an afterschool club with boys of varying ages who love to dance, create, and get funky! We’ll be producing two music videos this spring and I would LOVE to bring you in (or to take my kids to wherever you have an installation) for a collaborative filming session!
I have a feeling there are many many ways we could potentially work together to create meaningful and artful experiences for diverse groups of people but perhaps we could chat soon about starting small — let me know if you’d be interesting in bringing your work to my classroom and to my Music Video Club!
Here are two of our most recent films:
Peace, Love, and Magic,
“A bird can be a beautiful singer, but it is not a composer because it is genetically programmed to sing as it does. But we are spectators of ourselves and create culture. We can create an alternative to nature.”


-Augosto Boal