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[INTERN] Art Director, Vita Motus Design Studio

Art Director Internship
Vita Motus Design Studio | Los Angeles, CA
Are you passionate about developing creative ideas and bringing groundbreaking
concepts to reality? Would you like to learn first hand from one of the most innovative
production design studios in Los Angeles? We are seeking a highly driven art director
looking to broaden their experience in the world of art installations and 360
Best known for the design of Amon Tobin’s ISAM, Vita Motus works with various
mediums, not limited to, stage/set design, custom fabrication, digital media, motion
graphics, 3D animation, modeling & rendering, lighting design, theatrical design,
pyrotechnics, augmented reality, event production, theatre, storytelling, film-
production, concept development, and execution. We are looking for a dynamic
individual willing and able to move at a fast-pace in order to help support us in various
roles within the design and production process.
Because no two projects are ever the same, we are scouting for well-rounded talent,
willing to support our process however fit. An intern’s day-to-day role could change at
the blink of an eye, and is open to evolve. Additionally we are looking to create a
program that is best suited for your skill-set.
College juniors, seniors, and recent graduates proficient in at least one of the following:
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Rhino, Alias, Maya, 3D
AutoCAD, Cinema 4D, and/or Microsoft Office.
Your portfolio should demonstrate your conceptual abilities, art direction, and design
skills, and/or your understanding of production installation and execution process.
To be considered, you must submit an introduction and link to your portfolio to:
In your introduction please identify:
_What specifically interests you about this internship.
_What software skills you have and how you apply them to everyday life.
_If you process ANY other skills, by all means, let us know. Skills such as programming,
administrative, copywriting, website design, metal fabrication, carpentry, rigging, social
media, or cinematography. Anything.
_Why are you a strong candidate for consideration.
If you are seeking an internship for college credit, please include the terms of your
_Available hours per week (min/max)
Contact:  Oriel Vitamotus <>