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[INTERN] Summer UI/UX internship in Nairobi

UI/UX Summer Opportunity (Nairobi, Kenya)
Interested in working for a highly user-centric startup in one of the most exotic countries in
the world? Consider mSurvey, a Kenya-based technology and data analytics startup focusing
on high-quality data collection and analysis in emerging markets.
We have built a disruptive technology that enables individuals, businesses, governments to
collect and analyze data via mobile-enabled surveys. We are located in Nairobi but have
global reach: our services are used by various public and private institutions in countries
including Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Kenya, the USA, and the UK. We are in the process
of scaling and growing our interaction. Some of our high-impact projects include:
• Helping Brookside, a local dairy company, collect market data from 14,000 farmers
in Kenya via our mobile survey technology.
• Helping The Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad and Tobago assess the digital
divide in the country by collecting data from 24,000 inhabitants (2% of the country’s
population!) via mSurvey’s technology.
• Enabling a Caribbean mobile network operator to track, in real time, their net
promoter score (NPS) across 31 countries via our mobile survey and innovative NPS
• Helping Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital, and the University of Washington
conduct clinical trials in Kenya and Uganda directly from the United States to better
understand drug adherence for HIV prevention.
What we are looking for
Summer interns passionate about technology, business, data analytics, social impact and
emerging markets to work on building out provocative and human-centered dashboards
and analytical tools. You will also have the opportunity to mentor our local talent from some
of the top schools in Kenya!
What we offer
We offer many perks including the primetime of safaris (bring your adventure gadgets!),
subsidized housing in some of the finest locations in Nairobi, free lunches…
We promise you an exciting, hands-on startup experience in Nairobi, the silicon savannah of
Africa, with a passionate team of tech savvies with international experience from some of
the top institutions in the world including MIT, UPenn, University of Nairobi, and UCSF.
Kenya is buzzing with innovative startups creating cutting-edge technologies and business
models that have the potential for social as well as economic impact! Please email us at to learn more.
707 Muchai Drive, Nairobi, 00100 | |