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[INTERN] Design Internship, PARC

tl;dr: I need an intern ASAP. CAD+UX, IoT/manufacturing projects, pays Valley intern rates (i.e. well).

My group at PARC has an open design internship for someone who wold like to do physical (i.e. CAD/3D printing), visual, interaction and service design, and perhaps some hardware hacking. Our current projects are a mix of IoT and manufacturing projects. It’s a great mix of fun stuff with a good group of people in one of the nicest parts of the world. We have the equivalent of a techshop/FabLab onsite, which the intern can use as much as they want.

Unlike other design internships we pay Silicon Valley market rates (I can’t give exact rates, but it’s set based on computer science grad student intern rates, which are typically higher than designer rates). The internship will start ASAP, ideally end of June/July.

More info:

Please feel free to forward to colleagues, students, etc. If you/they have any questions, send them to Thanks!