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INTERN: Eyebeam – a whole bunch of them

Internship Opportunities 2016
Eyebeam provides internship opportunities as part of the educational component of our mission.
Interns play a vital role in our community, and we invite you to explore the opportunities
available. Interns must be able to work a minimum of two full days per week, seven hours
a day, for three months, or propose an equivalent amount of time.​Educational credit, and a
small stipend of $500 are available. In the past, interns have always developed connections to
artists, technologists and designers of interest to them.
TO APPLY​, please send your CV and cover letter to with the name of the
internship (e.g. “Curatorial Intern”) in the subject line. Due to the high volume of submissions,
only those selected for an interview will be contacted.
People of color, immigrants, women, LGBTQs, differently abled, and members of other
historically undervalued groups are especially welcome and encouraged to apply. Eyebeam is
an equal opportunity employer.
About Eyebeam
Mission: ​Eyebeam is a nonprofit studio for collaborative experiments with technology, toward a
more open and imaginative world. By providing generous support to artists for research,
production and education, Eyebeam makes ideas real.
Model of Practice: ​As the leading arts organization focused parimar on technology in the
United States, Eyebeam grounds its unique model of practice on the following assertions:
Ideas work. With critical knowledge of the world, people can create a better one.
Process matters. Experimenting together without expectations is very productive.
Impact counts. When ideas work together, the effects can cascade exponentially.
The vision of technology here includes all processes, tools and strategies for navigating
a complex world. The residency program provides people with space and time to develop their
ideas into full projects. Drawing entirely on the community of residents and alums, Eyebeam
then expands their work into exciting programs with lasting impact.
Development Intern
This internship will give the intern valuable, real ­world experience in the nuts & bolts of nonprofit
development, within a highly­ respected institution. Well ­suited candidates should have an
interest in nonprofit management, and will work directly with the organization’s Director. The
intern may be expected to:
● Identify, research and contact potential donors, including corporations, foundations, and
● Assist in creating materials needed for donor solicitation, including letters, electronic
presentations, and informational packets;
● Maintain database with donor and prospect information;
● Special events planning, outreach and communications;
● Assist in preparing project budgets and proposals
● Assist in preparing materials for the board
● Ability to multi­task, work independently, and take initiative
● Ability to maintain confidentiality of all aspects of job responsibilities
● Highly organized with excellent research skills and attention to detail
● Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
● Passion for creative practices, including contemporary art, emerging technology, and
social design
Digital Fabrication Internship
The Digital Fabrication Intern will work directly with the Creative Tech Manager to maintain and
operate various digital fabrication machines at Eyebeam. Additional, this person will help to
organize and schedule equipment use for all creative residents.
Favorable qualifications:
● Eagerness to learn
● Highly organized
● Self direct
● Problem solver
● Working experience with various digital fabrication technologies (laser cutter, 3D
printers, CNC)
● Experience with woodworking (safety practices, hand tools, power tools, joinery
● Experience with audio and video equipment
Curatorial Intern
Eyebeam seeks a curatorial intern to assist with the conception, execution and post­production
of our annual exhibition featuring residents, to take place in Mid­May. This unique opportunity
involves several components:
● Curation and preparations for the exhibition:
○ developing a floor plan with a clear narrative
○ how to exhibit work with residents of widely varying backgrounds
○ gathering and finalizing exhibition texts for communications
● Production of the exhibition:
○ overseeing timeline and budget
○ production meetings with exhibitors
○ development of public programs
○ securing external partnerships where applicable
● Exit packages and professional development for residents:
○ Ensuring documentation with images and media, where applicable
○ Preparing clear project description and short bio
○ Finalizing contact list and maintaining communications post­residency
○ Developing list of future opportunities to ensure their eventual success
The perfect candidate is a good writer, an occasional curator, detail­oriented, and comfortable
with a variety of A/V presentation modes, and possibly an artist themselves.
Writing Intern
Eyebeam seeks one Writing Intern. The intern will work closely with the Communications
Manager to develop a range of archival investigations, digital content, with the possibility of
publication development. This opportunity will engage a full range of marketing skills, but the
emphasis is on developing written content for Eyebeam’s multiple platforms.
Tasks may include:
● the fortification of Eyebeam’s relationship to the press
● the creation of press releases, blog posts and public­facing reports
● the continual maintenance social media to connect to our audiences
● cultivation of our alum and supporter lists through creative email marketing
● creating content (recorded interviews and blogposts) about Eyebeam’s incredible roster
of current residents and alums.
Qualifications include:
● an ability to write for multiple lengths, contexts and audiences
● an interest in art criticism, technology news, or social theory
● experience with administration and an office environment
● a capable editorial hand
● fluency with social media
● curiosity about Eyebeam’s storied history, and incredible archives
Computational Fashion Internship
The role of the Computational Fashion Intern will be assist with securing partnerships and the
planning of all program related events. Some of the tasks you will be asked to assist with are as
● Planning and organization of upcoming exhibitions and the Computational Fashion
Master Class (a summer school presented together with Shapeways)
● Planning and organization of upcoming Computational Fashion Meetups & workshops
● Development and updating of digital content related to the initiative
A prime candidate for this position will not only have experience in communications and event
planning, but will also have a significant interest in and knowledge of creative applications for
wearable computing and imbedded electronics.
Studio Internship
Please note that studio internships are unpaid since they take place directly with current
residents rather than the staff. Please review our current residents if you have interest in
working with one person or group in particular.
Studio Interns will work directly with Eyebeam’s Residents and Fellows, whose needs range
based on their field of work. When applying, please specify your experience in any/all of the
following areas:
● Academic Research
● Writing and Editing
● Graphic Design
● Web Design
● Coding
● Photography/Video