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INTERN: Data Scientist Intern at Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is looking for interns to join our data science team this summer. If you obsess over data, are passionate about understanding how information spreads, and are interested to apply Machine Learning techniques to real world problems, this opportunity is for you. To qualify, you must be enrolled and returning to school upon completion of the internship. Computer science and information studies PhD or Masters students are preferred. This is a paid internship.

Past summer internship projects have included using natural language processing and clustering techniques to categorize quizzes for a filter on the site, building a predictive model for selecting the optimal Facebook page to share a post on, and improving an article recommendation engine.

BuzzFeed’s data science team is diverse, coming from varying backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets. The team uses data-driven methods to power decisions, inform strategy, build robust data products, and identify opportunities for innovation across the company. We are true hybrids – software engineers, statisticians, mathematicians, domain experts and analysts – who specialize in translating questions into methodical approaches, experiments, and products. We think deeply about the limitations of data, and communicate our output coherently.

Learn about last year’s summer internship program here!