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INTERN: Launcher, Summer Internship

Launcher, Summer Internship

Control team internship, so what?

Are you a curious person that likes to learn, make and have some control issues?

As part of the control team you will help us to get closer to space by doing more.

Things you will be involved: awesome team, testing, making, electronics, space stuff, sensors, calibration, firmware, software, 🚀… Jacqueline of all trades rules around here.

All that to join forces to build control systems (test stands, pressure regulation, thrust vector control, …) and probably other things too.


Launcher is in a ten year journey to take small satellites to LEO. Actually a bit less than ten years, we plan to be up there 🔜 by 3/16/26 celebrating 100th anniversary of Goddard’s first liquid-fueled rocket.

Note that he did test his rocket in the snow, we do that sometimes too :)


  • Be part of a team (this is hella important) if you only like to listen to yourself, just don’t. If you don’t like to answer questions 🔇, don’t either that much. Anything else in between warmly welcomed.
  • You will: document, design, build and test control systems
    • Design and manufacture your PCBs
    • Firmware running on a SAM4E
      • C on Atmel Studio
    • Testing
      • Lots of testing  
    • Sensors calibration
      • Lots of cabling, seriously, lots
    • Github :)
    • Troubleshoot a lot
    • Document
  • This is a fun place, sometimes we work more sometimes we work less. But there are days were more needs to happen because we love it!!!💗🚀


  • Epicly curious to learn
  • Hands on (proven record, personal projects)
  • Positive attitude and will to get things done


  • 2-4 layers PCB design (We use Eagle)
  • SMT
  • C firmware development (we use Atmel Studio)
  • HTML / Javascript / Node
  • Sensors calibration experience
  • Making skills
  • CAD design (cam’on 2018 you need to know how to design parts, if not you will learn with us💻)
  • 3d printing / metal working / cnc
  • Combustion
  • Simulations (CFD, Structural analysis, topology optimization, …)


  • Awesome team
  • Learn about rockets
  • 🍣



  • This will be an intense internship. Lots to do and learn📚
  • We are proudly based @NewLab Brooklyn, NYC 🗽
  • This is a summer🌞 internship


  • Due to space export regulations applicants must be US citizens or lawful permanent US residents.
  • Launcher is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and believe in its positive impact. All aspects of employment are based on merit and performance.


If all this resonates with you shoot us an email at, why, who and what. Extra points if you throw in some emojis and space jokes.