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INTERN: Athletes Unlimited, Sports Data Analyst

Athletes Unlimited is looking for a summer intern to work as a Sports Data Analyst. The role’s primary responsibility is for informing senior management with accurate and insightful data to be used as part of a new model of professional sports leagues.

If someone is interested in this area with interests in data science and has solid programming skills with experience working in the sports analytics space – please reach out to me with your resume at

Candidates should meet the following minimum qualification:

1.       Have the ability to write programs that parse and clean data from various data sources.

2.       Have college level knowledge on probability and statistics.

3.       Be comfortable writing programs that perform Monte Carlo simulations.

It’s preferred if candidates have knowledge about computer vision, more specifically, object detection model (YOLO, Mask R-CNN, etc.) to analyze video content.

About the company:

Athletes Unlimited is a new model of pro sports where athletes are decision-makers and individual players are champions of team sports. We literally change the game with faster play and fluid teams, delivering next-level competition and engagement. Beginning in 2020 with women’s softball with other sports to follow soon thereafter, Athletes Unlimited will build the next generation of both athletes and fans. Learn more at

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