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Internships – Design studio in Porto

From: Clara Vieira | Claan <>

I run a design studio in Porto, Portugal. We are available to receive international students. At the moment we are looking for assistance in tech and coding as well as multimedia.

The student will learn soft skills of working with a multidisciplinary team in a creative environment and will have the opportunity to work with client projects and learn about processes in a practical experience in a real work environment. The internship isn’t payed but we pay local public transportation, we provide physical work space and can help in the search for accommodation.

Clara Vieira
Founder and CEO at Claan Lda
Researcher at DESIGNEDIN, Volunteer at D4CR
Mentor at NEW INC / New Museum NY
Creative Studio
4050-027 Porto, Portugal
+ 351 223 233 786 


Design, Participatory methodologies and Children’s rights
Associação Designing for Children’s Rights, Portugal