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Re: good place to post internship / artist’s assistant position?

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sameer, don’t be an ass.

i think i see michelle behind you with a bat.

On May 19, 2008, at 10:38 PM, Sameer Kapoor wrote:
hi er=
ic !

you don’t know me but i am a leftist male who agrees that peopl=
e must be delusional and sexist for not voting
for someone so qualified =
as hillary clinton….i mean, can you believe the level
of mysongony arou=
nd these days ?! only someone who has no cares about our future would even consider voting for obama… but don’t tell that to the didactic females =
of itp-alumni

i would love to clean your arduino chips and meet y=
our potential risd interns


sameer kapoor

On Tue, May 20, 2008 at 1:13=
AM, Eric Forman <
m> wrote:
in honor of the 6th anniversary of my graduation from ITP i’ve decided to =
find young, impressionable people to do my work for me. =A0where are good pl=
aces to post internship ads? =A0i want art/engineering types who would find =
learning p-comp and getting access to my studio space and shop a fair exchan=
ge. =A0the ITP students list is a good start, i’ve also posted on the RISD s=
tudents list, and was considering craigslist when i bumped into the $25 per =
category per post fee. =A0yes, that’s how budget i am. =A0but maybe it’s wor=
th it? =A0also curious if people agree that offering food and transportation=
money is the decent thing to do for an unpaid intern.

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