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INTERN: Frog Design needs tech interns

> – Frog Design Intern Opportunity –
> We’re looking for a hardcore geek who wants to try working in a
> design firm doing new tech. Skills needed include:
> – Facility with web technologies (DB integration, PHP/Perl/etc,
> Flash)
> – The ability to hack OSS packages like Johnny Lee’s Wii
> touchscreen/head-tracking kit (which is C++, I believe) and
> configure it,
> – Device integration (which honestly would probably be Bluetooth,
> Wifi, and then cell, in that order of importance).
> The position is paid (but not well) and would be three days a week.
> It’s an unusual opportunity as it would be working to produce some
> really cool projects using new and emerging technologies. We’ve
> secured some graphic designers to make stuff pretty, so we need
> someone to take freely available tech packages (Asterisk, the Wii,
> NUI’s touchscreen libraries, bluetooth snarfing, etc.) and cobble
> them together into something that works and will blow people’s
> minds. (We can outsource a code rewrite later.)
> If you’re interested, please send a link to your portfolio/
> experience to!