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[job] McSweeney’s design intern

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I have no connection to this, but if I were a designer, I'd jump on it.=


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McSweeney's is looking for a summer design intern. Th=
is person will be paid a stipend for the summer, and will work on books and =
other to-be-published materials. Applicants need to know InDesign (and/or Qu=
ark), Photoshop, Illustrator, Word=97the gamut. Drawing ability is a plus bu=
t not essential. Send us your r=E9sum=E9 and a PDF that includes 10 examples=
of your work. The job starts as soon as you can start. Applicants must be a=
ble to work for three months straight, five days a week. Apply The intern will b=
e chosen by June 1.