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INTERN: Artist Assistant Position for Klank Studios

Internship with ITP Alum, Eric Forman…

> Klank Studios is a small shared studio space in downtown Manhattan
> led by interactive installation artist Eric Forman. The artists
> and designers in the space work with electronics, architecture,
> painting, video, and sound. Mr. Forman’s work involves kinetic and
> robotic sculpture that integrates interactive technology into
> traditional media. The studio space has a small wood and metal
> working shop in it with a mini-lathe, table saw, miter saw,
> bandsaw, drill press, router, sanders, and assorted hand tools.
> Qualified interns get free access to the shop and all tools. We
> are conveniently located on 29th St. & 7th Avenue around the corner
> from the subway and near Chelsea art galleries, art supply stores,
> Home Depot, Whole Foods, etc.
> Eric Forman [] is a New York based artist
> and professor whose work focuses on interactive installations and
> robotic sculpture, especially hybrids of natural and synthetic
> forms and emergent behaviors. Most of this is presented in the
> context of fine art, but some is functional design, including
> responsive, kinetic, and occasionally subversive architectural
> environments and objects. Eric teaches all aspects of digital
> media, specializing in interactive electronics for artists. He
> currently teaches in the graduate Digital+Media department at RISD,
> and has also taught at Columbia, NYU, Parsons, and MICA. He
> received his Masters from ITP at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU, and
> his B.A. from Vassar College where he developed his own
> interdisciplinary program called The Philosophical Ramifications of
> Computer Technology. He has over 20 years of professional
> experience with digital media, including programming, animation,
> web design, video, and tangible electronics.
> This is a summer position to start but could develop into something
> longer. Tme commitment is very flexible and can be as little as 2
> half-days per week, or much more if desired. Although this is an
> unpaid position, meals and transportation will be covered, and
> qualified interns will get free access to the studio shop and
> tools. You will be doing a combination of research, organization,
> and hands-on production, with the opportunity for creative input,
> and will learn a lot about “physical computing”: microcontrollers,
> sensors, circuit design, robotics, programming, building
> methodologies, and sustainable design.
> We are looking for 1 or 2 interns who are technically minded,
> organized, creative, and thorough, and are interested in
> interactive electronics. Physical computing, architecture,
> engineering, industrial design, and fine art students, or recent
> graduates, would be well suited. Prior experience in one or more
> of these fields is desirable, but is NOT required as long as you
> are comfortable with technical subjects, enjoy learning, and can
> pursue projects further on your own initiative.
> Please send a brief description of yourself and your experience,
> skills, and interests, along with pictures of your own work or
> links to portfolios to: Interviews will
> take place in the end of May and beginning of June.