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INTERN: blogger for – unpaid

> i have a unpaid blogging position opening up –
> which is perfect for somebody who wants to help us transform the
> wattzon blog into a topical blog about sustainable living, energy
> reduction, and power efficiency? the awesome part about is is that we
> already have a butt-load of users, readers, twitter followers (a
> couple thousand), so its great exposure without having to build up the
> readership base off the bat.
> —–
> We’re looking for an intern or two who are interested in blogging
> about energy, power efficiency, and sustainable lifestyles for
>’s blog, “What’s On?”.
>’s goal is to help users measure, analyze, share, and track
> their energy usage with the goal of reducing it over time. We
> launched at Pop!Tech in 2008, were named by Business Week in December
> as the “Best Idea of 2008”, and were just featured in Wired
> magazine’s playlist (January 2009) — so this is a perfect opportunity
> for somebody who is passionate about helping define the energy debate
> in 2009. You will immediately be able to reach out to our thousands of
> users, blog readers, and twitter followers. Professional writing
> experience isn’t necessary, and all we care about is that you can
> write about these topics with wit, concision,and (some) authority.
> Here’s what you need to send to apply:
> * One sample post written in the style you think is appropriate. We’re
> looking for somebody that will help us transform our current blog
> ( into one that is a more general and topical content
> source (and less of the “development blog” it is now) — so don’t feel
> limited by the previous posts. Make this sample post germane to this
> broader picture. We won’t use it on the site — it is just to help us
> get a sense of your writing.
> * A few words about yourself.
> * Why are you interested in this position?
> * Your contact info.
> * How many posts a week can you commit to? (Please be realistic!)
> This position, at the beginning, is an unpaid internship position, but
> is a great way to launch yourself into the blogosphere and set a name
> for yourself. As things
> progress, this will, of course, be re-evaluated. To apply, drop me a
> line at