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Intern (Unpaid) Needed for Human Trafficking Game

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I am developing a protot=
ype for a game which has an unusual premise: Human Trafficking.=A0 This game is meant to build awareness of t=
he plight of people being trafficked.=A0 It will be a short, approximately 10 to 20 minutes of play in a limite=
d interactive world environment.
I am a multi-disciplinary arti=
st, having done everything from programmed virtual realty environments, perf=
ormance, 2D works on paper, photography and sculpture.=A0 Additionally, I have worked for various non-profits d=
oing web development and project management.=A0 This project is a culmination of art and life experience.=A0
The internship would con=
sist of researching game engines and build prototype.=A0 Hours are negotiable.
Contact:=A0 Kathy Koller,=A0