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INTERN: at location based services startup

> I work for a startup company here in New York. Xtify is a location
> based services platform which offers the ability for websites to
> extract the location of each of their users at no charge. We are
> looking for an intern and I was hoping you might have a bright,
> enthusiastic student who you could recommend or put me in touch with.
> Thanks a lot for your time.
> Simon
> Internship at NYC mobile startup
> We’re looking for an intern to help with the marketing and business
> development for a fast-paced, friendly startup in the New York
> technology scene. If you’re interested in new technology and have a
> passion for marketing and an interest in business, Xtify is a great
> place for you to grow and learn. We’re not necessarily looking for
> tech experts (though you would need to demonstrate a solid grasp of
> what we do). Instead, we want someone who is passionate and who has
> an interest in researching the Internet and location based services
> industries, particularly in regard to how our product could apply
> to other companies.
> We’re moving fast, and responsibilities may change. We would also
> try and tailor your tasks to your skills and interests. You will
> get to do a lot more here than at bigger, traditional companies. To
> start out, you would:
> – assist with the creation of marketing materials including written
> materials that could be distributed to the media and potential
> partners
> – research potential partner companies and help brainstorm business
> ideas
> – assist the CEO with upcoming events and other miscellaneous
> activities
> – research blog ideas and potentially write blog entries, depending
> on your writing abilities
> **Please include in your email the following***
> In the subject of the email: INTERNSHIP
> 1. Resume
> 2. Available days per week (3+ days per week is preferable).
> 3. How soon you can start.
> 4. Educational level (undergraduate student, undergraduate degree,
> in grad school, post-graduate school, etc.)
> We are looking for someone to start as soon as possible and are
> based in SoHo, New York City.
> —
> Simon Kirk
> Business Development
> Xtify
> Simon Kirk