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INTERN: Internship Opportunities/Local Projects

Local Projects has internship opportunities for those who have skills in design, sound work, videography or programming, but would like to look at anyone who likes our work and feels an affinity.

Local Projects is a media design firm for museums and public spaces. We create a diverse range of installations from large environmental interactives, websites, and mobile applications, to simple experiences composed of thumbtacks, vellum, or conversation.

While innovation drives much of today’s design, we’re interested in creating projects that can endure. For us at Local Projects, interaction design is more than just controlling technology. We create media that is integrated into architecture, and that connects people with the world and each other. We look to create experiences that inspire awe and wonder.

Many of our projects are about co-creation: gathering visitor stories, or collecting opinions, or memories. We’ve learned that the most incredible material emerges when you create a platform for visitors to communicate.

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