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INTERN: Magnum Foundation – repost

for those of you who may have missed this the first time around… internship positions still available.

Please contact Nancy at ASAP. We want to make the decision by the coming week and get started.

The Magnum Foundation is a non profit which seeks to use the extensive archives and assets of Magnum Photos to support other non profit and advocate organizations around the world.

Over the next few year the Magnum Foundation wants to develop s a modular set of  templates for various media including phone apps, ipad apps, and websites  to make efficient and cost effective for NGOs to reach new audiences and their constituents in innovative ways.

The Magnum Foundation will create these new assets by working with real organizations–focused primarily on Human Rights, both political and socio-economic. The first project was for Ashoka to highlight social entrepreneurs, and key Fellows’ global concepts for change. The Magnum Foundation created a website that incorporated not only a linear navigation but an innovative user experience with embedded multimedia and visual interfaces designed to strengthen storytelling and narrative in order to engage younger audiences—those less likely to read long text reports.  
For the next project the Magnum Foundation has approached an international organization, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2011. They have traditionally sent out wall calendars and newsletters to keep their grassroots base activated and involved. The Magnum Foundation plans to extend this ‘calendar’ idea to apps for mobile phones and other devices (e.g. Ipad,} and a corresponding website…all using photos from the Magnum archive.

This internship is for the Fall Semester, it may possibly continue into the Spring. It is a 2 point internship.

Project may include both iPhone and web components.


User Interface Designer
Define features and requirements and deliver wireframes and revisions for the application.

Visual Designer
Help define look and feel of the application and deliver graphic assets. Ability to assist with CSS and front-end web development is a plus.

Advise on features and scope, and implement application prototypes. Requires proficiency working with web development frameworks and familiarity with objective-c programming.

Please contact Nancy Hechinger if you are interested.