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INTERN: Tech Internship Opportunity at the Quad Manhattan

The Arts Educators of The Quad Manhattan are developing programs targeted to elementary age students who could be considered twice exceptional, meaning that they are gifted intellectually or artistically, yet struggle to succeed in other areas of their lives. The Quad Manhattan provides unique, high-quality programs with comprehensive supports to help develop student’s social, emotional and executive skills, while fully engaging their talents and creative interests.

The Quad’s popular Tech program is modeled after the NYU ITP studio, and its workshops are taught by an ITP alumni. We are interested in developing an ongoing relationship to the NYU ITP Department, providing hands-on experience and collaborating to innovate lessons plans which teach creative technology to children at many levels of development.

To enrich and help implement our Tech programming, we are currently recruiting for several internship positions.

Experience with electronics, non-traditional and traditional computer interface, and the ability to interpret this level of instruction for children would make a creative candidate ideal for our program.

Our After-School Tech Internship is appropriate for a student who can commit to work for 1-5 days/week, 3-5:30pm.

The Quad Manhattan is located in Tribeca, near City Hall.

Our web site is:

I thank you greatly for your interest, and I look forward to further communication!

Please direct any inquiries to:

Kate Yourke

Visual Arts Director
The Quad Manhattan
(917) 805-3901