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[job] Makerbot Store/Gallery Needs Paid Interns

Hey ITP!

Makerbot is getting ready to launch an open-source Hardware Store (get it?) for the holiday season.  Yes, it is an actual store with foot traffic!  Since we don’t have a window display, it’ll be mostly tinkerers in the know (sorta like tangible net-traffic?).

We’ll be showing off the Thing-O-Matic, our 3D printer that features a mini-conveyor belt for automating multiple prints (awesome timelapse)! In addition to merch from MB’s store, we’ll offer a smattering of Arduinos, shields, and DIY kits by Adafruit, Evil Mad Scientist and a handful of others.

A couple videos of Bre & Zach talking about the Makerbot:



I will be managing the shop or, dare I say, Hall of Awesome, which will also be a P-Compy gallery for the public to explore. But I can’t do it myself!! I need at least two people to help make an amazing space!

We’ll all be sharing the responsibilities which include:

– Helping customers and talkin’ shop

– Printing objects from our wall of Thing-O-Matics (aka The Botfarm) for take-away goodies

— These will be objects you design or you found on Thingiverse

– Designing 3D or lasercut objects for to show off in our gallery and upload to Thingiverse

– Making cool installation art of your own to transform the space into a gallery

– Using / designing for the DIY kits we stock to make fun in-store demos!

– Writing daily / weekly blog posts (what we are printing, making, inspired by, etc) on “MakerBot’s blog” – a great way of getting your work seen!


We’re looking for people available at least 20 hours a week.

We will be working in a shop, so you should be somewhat personable.

It is located in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn (by the Atlantic Ave stop).


In addition to having an awesome part-time job, you will receive your very own Cupcake CNC (some assembly required). If 3D printers aren’t your jam, you can opt for the $10/hr.

Please send your resume and a little blurb about why you’re interested to: