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intern: developer with ITP Alum

with ITP Alum, Josh Klein
I’m looking for an aspiring developer who wants to cut their teeth on a variety of small projects that have immediate applicability. I’m not talking about inventing the next Facebook, but rather helping mentor you through creating innovative solutions on a variety of platforms with a variety of technologies. I’ve got access to a number of APIs and other resources that aren’t publicly available as well as ten year’s experience in deployment, plus I can promise that whatever we work on will be interesting.

It’s a minimum three-month committment of ten hours a week, and you must have basic programming experience in PHP, Ruby, or Python as well as passing familiarity with shell scripting and the *nix CLI. Know what JSON is, why MVC is useful, and why SSH matters. You’ll learn everything else you need on the job, just like in the real world – it’s more fun that way! Finally, there’s no pay, but I can promise to get you into some interesting parties. :)