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A colleague looking for ITP/NYU interns for the project

A good colleague of mine and a fellow tech-expert, Mike Zimberg, is looking for an ITP/NYU student for his very cool project!
Would you please share the information with current students at ITP/Courant Institute and other students’ groups as you deem appropriate?
Mike can be contacted via email
Thanks and talk to you later,
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The goal of is to help people pick a bottle of wine from a winelist.  It will contain the majority of wine lists from restaurants all over the world, linked to community reviews.  Users will be able to quickly sort and filter the list and come up with the ideal selection.

Programmer is required for the following:  Programatically take unformatted restaurant winelists into the site and linking each wine to its reviews.  There’s no standard way to refer to a wine, so it can be named differently on each list.   The programmer will create a universal parser to handle the completely non standard formats of these lists.  Some have section names that become part of the name of the wine, so a complex logic needs to be built to handle.  Before we start, we’ll review samples.  The site needs a fuzzy logic parser that I will help define.    The site’s look and feel, plus review capability has already been built using ruby on rails, and the programmer will need to maintain and work from this existing code.

Benefit to the programmer:  There could be additional uses for a parser like this.  This is an innovation that can be applied to grouping information without any standard format and can be used in most industries.    The programmer can also grow and become a part of this dynamic company.  Wine sales is a multi billion per year industry, and if is done correctly, it can capture a percentage of this market.

We would at first like a programmer willing to work on a contract, by the hour basis.  We are starting with the information on the web, but then are planning an app shortly after.  We will also be adding a number of advanced features.