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[CALL / INTERN] MAKE IT! A Summer Industrial Design Workshop and Internship Program in Barcelona, Spain

Dear fellow design schools!
We would like to have the opportunity to announce the launching of our workshop and internship programs catered for foreign students for a professional, educative and cultural experience abroad.  One that we think might be interesting for your students is MAKE IT!” a design workshop and internship program with Hiroshi Tsunoda from DesignCode based in Barcelona, Spain.  
The program is in collaboration with MOB, Makers of Barcelona, which is an initiative for a collaborative co-working and co-learning space and community for the creative, located in the heart of the city of Barcelona.
In addition to workshops and internship programs, one of the services that we provide is program hosting for foreign university as a fluid campus for study abroad programs.  Working with your university, MOB can become your campus abroad to host your art/design/architecture/urban planning programs in Barcelona, Spain.
If you believe that there might be other departments in your university that could benefit from these services, please kindly forward this email to the appropriate personnel from your school.
Please take a moment to visit our website for details for these programs.
Cecilia M Tham // Mastermind @ MOB

MOB // Makers Of Barcelona // Calle Bailen 11, Bajos // Barcelona, 08010 //