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[INTERN] Physical Computing, Lower East Side Girls Club

The Lower East Side Girls Club is looking for an intern to help out with the technology classes in our new Maker Space. I am currently the technology teacher and shaping the future curriculum, and we would like to get more ITP students involved in what we are doing! We are working and teaching in our new 30,000 sq ft facility complete with a new physical computing studio, sound studio, and planetarium among other fantastic resources. It’s pretty amazing, and a wide open opportunity for those interested in pioneering and shaping STEM programs for girls and the local community.

I’m looking for someone to help me teach the classes and work individually with the girls teaching them pcomp basics from Tuesdays and Thursdays 3pm-6pm (starting ASAP)Our class this semester is exploring space and light with the ArduSat (an open source, Arduino based Nanosatellite that contains a set of Arduino boards and sensors that allows us to upload experiments and run them in space). Over the summer we had a 3D printing and basic Arduino class, and are still trying to define next semester’s curriculum. If interested, the intern will play a role in shaping this.

Here’s some recent press and links for more info-


Anyone interested can reach out to me directly,

Please include a resume and/or a blurb about why you are interested.