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INTERNs] Samsung Research America’s (SRA) Next Experience Display Lab (NExD)

Samsung Research America’s (SRA) Next Experience Display Lab (NExD), located in Downtown San Francisco, is hiring interns for the summer of 2014.


The NExD Lab focuses on innovation in User Experience for visual displays and their associated device and service ecologies. This work includes finding new concepts for future displays and their enabling technology for interaction and user experiences. We envision a future where displays continue to be an important part of our lives and so need to be ubiquitous, sensing, considerate, and aesthetically well integrated into our daily experience. This particular internship has the focus on changing the traditional metaphor of the TV in the home from a lean-back to a stand-up interaction in the context of storytelling.


We are looking for MS and PhD candidates in CS, HCI, and design. Interests should align with the group’s vision and the successful intern will further the group’s research agenda by developing publication quality research work.  Research topics under consideration push the limits of visual display in areas, including but not limited to: content capture, understanding, and curation; spatial and context aware visual systems; generating stories from data; and, sensor-rich input devices.


Interested applicants should contact Anette von Kapri ( by March 10, 2014.