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[INTERN] Work for Art Dealer, Curator, Doc Film Maker Adam Shopkorn

My name is Adam Shopkorn ( and I am an art dealer, curator, consultant and documentary filmmaker that is looking to have an NYU ITP Graduate student intern for me.  The position is available immediately and takes place at my office in the East Village of Manhattan.  The position would be from now through the end of this summer, but ideally I’d like for this to be a long term work relationship and to carry out into the upcoming fall/winter school sesssion.  Some of the work I’ve done can be viewed at and doing a simple search using my name will provide your students with a good feel for what I do professionally.
Please have any of your students that are interested in learning more about this position contact me at
If they can reach out to me through email, I can do my best to determine who will be a good fit and can meet with the candidates as soon as possible.  Monday through Fridaysometimes between 9AM and 5PM and sometimes between 11AM and 7PM.  The days and times during the day will often shift but ideally this will require a maximum of 40 hours per week and a minimum of 20 hours per week.  The hours are definitely subject to change so the candidates will need to be flexible with their schedules as mine often changes.
Every day is different with the work that I require, but here are some examples of some of the work I am doing on a daily basis and where I could use some assistance.
I manage and build private Post-War and Contemporary Art collections for a handful of individuals.  This requires acquiring a healthy number of works each year not only from art galleries across the globe, but also requires acquiring work through the auction market.  The collectors I work with are quite active so I am always out looking at work to add to their collections.
I do corporate art consulting for hospitality groups (hotels) where I act as a cultural ambassador for the brands I work with.  This requires conceiving of large scale and small scale public and private art projects both onsite and off in an effort to enhance the brands cultural relevance.  I am often conceiving new projects and I will require assistance seeing these projects through from conception to completion.  This could require building out a powerpoint presentation to present to the companies that I work with or simply helping me better realize the projects that I am moving forward with.
I recently completed a film titled LENNY COOKE that is currently playing on Showtime and will move to ESPN later this summer.  I continue to manage how to best exploit the film in different marketplaces and I will require assistance with this as well as better managing the post-production of the film.  I’ve begun shooting another documentary film that will require footage logging and helping out with managing many aspects of film production.
I’ve begun to do a lot more independent curatorial work within the world of art and I have two to three shows that I am in the process planning that will take place over the next 12-18 months.  I will require help realizing and organizing these shows.
www.adamshopkorn and www.lennycookemovie are both websites that are works in progress.  I need to get these websites updated and current.  One of the sites was created in WordPress and the other was created in very basic HTML so the internship will require expertise using both of these platforms.
While we are discussing know-how, the internship will also require expertise in:
Basic HTML and beyond
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Powerpoint
Adobe Photoshop
Final Cut Pro
Apple based products (IPhone, Mac mail, MacBooks, Imac etc., network computing)
The internship will strike a healthy balance working on creative endeavors, managing an office and a small network of computers and devices and utilizing technical expertise to develop and update websites and build out visual presentations.  Some days might require helping me run errands for the projects I am working on.  Some days we’ll work on developing websites.  Some days we will work on updating websites.  Some days we will be building out presentations and some days we will be setting up shows in project spaces.  Some days we will be logging and looking at video/film footage shot for a project I am working on.  Some days we will be better organizing all of the projects I am working on.  Every day will be different.
I hope to hear from some of your students as quickly as possible and hope to provide a fun, interesting, stimulating work environment for any of your students that are looking to transition into either the art or film worlds or both.
Thanks so much.
Adam Shopkorn