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[INTERN] Communication and Social Media Intern, Film “Cast in India”

Communication and Social Media Intern Needed
3-5 hours per week, until mid-December

I need an NYC based communications + social media intern to publicize upcoming screenings of my new short film, Cast in India at two esteemed NYC documentary film festivals this fall. 

The candidate must be comfortable with:
1) Creating and maintaining a vibrant Facebook Page and Twitter Handle for the film.
2) Updating my WordPress site.
3) Searching for and inviting related local orgs and collectives to attend screenings.
4) Writing catchy press releases and contacting local news media about the film.

This is an unpaid internship. You will have 1 comp ticket to all NYC screenings, and whenever possible access to festival events and parties. I hope this experience will be beneficial for your professionalization and attuned to your interests; happy to encourage any particular social media and communications interests/skills that you’d like to explore and develop that I may not have listed above.

There may be opportunities for continued involvement as a communications intern at later stages during the film’s festival circuit, past this fall.

Please get in touch with me at to express your interest, and for more details.