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[INTERN] NEW INC at The New Museum of Contemporary Art

NEW INC is looking for interns this fall with a range of skills and interests. We need candidates who are passionate about working with artists, designers, and technologists, interested in creating a workspace together, and reimagining the role of the museum in the twenty-first century. From our day-to-day operations, community building, professional development, and events, we have a full range of programming that we aim to tailor specifically to the creative, cutting-edge members that comprise the NEW INC community.


NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator, is a shared workspace and professional development program designed to support creative practitioners working in the areas of art, technology, and design. Conceived by the New Museum in 2013, the incubator is a not-for-profit platform that furthers the Museum’s ongoing commitment to new art and new ideas. NEW INC provides a collaborative space for a highly selective, interdisciplinary community of one hundred members to investigate new ideas and develop a sustainable practice.


We are looking for interns who are driven, organized, punctual, sociable, confident, and can follow through with ideas, research, and projects.

We are looking to fill a few intern positions that we will co-create depending on the unique skillsets you bring to the table. We are looking for interns who possess one or more of the following skills:

1.     Video and postproduction

2.     Event production

3.     Programming / Coding

4.     Hardware / Fabrication

5.     Writing / Social media

6.     Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Aftereffects)

7.     Community organizing & development

8.     Designing for social spaces


Our interns have a range of responsibilities from helping us with our day-to-day operations to working with us on individualized creative projects that benefit our members and the overall community.

In addition to working with a fantastic, lean staff, our interns will be involved in the behind the scenes of how a creative incubator space runs while working in a highly selective environment of diverse, collaborative professionals.  Moreover, our interns gain privileged access to our professional development programming that is otherwise only available to our members.  As a new program, the projects we develop with our interns are evolving rapidly and we look forward to collaborating with the people we bring on to work with us. We are looking for a commitment of 2 days/week for the Fall.

We will be interviewing potential candidates in the next few weeks.

If you would be a good addition to our community, please email your CV/resume and an informal cover letter (in the body of your email) by Friday, October 17th at 12PM to and