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[INTERN] Paid Internship at DowJones

I am doing some consulting work at DowJones and WSJ and we are open sourcing a bunch of code (as part of a collaboration with NYC Media Lab and NYU Poly (with Luke DuBois) and Columbia school of Journalism (Mark Hansen)). I am looking for an Intern to help with minor code cleanup and documentation and potentially getting more involved. I was wondering if you have students who are interested in helping. It is a paid internship requiring about 10-20 hours of work per day.
The most important requirement is git/github familiarity (to submit pull requests and merge and resolve conflicts) and being detail oriented (for correcting styles, dependency conflicts and documentation suitable for an open source project). Being comfortable with JS and front-end tools and libraries is a plus.
To give a little bit more details, It is an interesting project creating something like Max/MSP for data transformation and visualization using web component. We are a small team working as something like WSJ-labs (though we avoid the ‘labs’ label). My work email for ITP List post is:
Thanks a lot. Please let me know if you need more information.
Very Best,