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Student INTERN: web design intern

NYU CREATE is a consortium of researchers committed to conducting research, providing
education, and fostering community interaction to design evidence-based digital media that
address the needs of all learners. We design simulations, games, AR, VR, web and mobile apps
and other tools for learning and assessment and conduct rigorous research to understand
design principles and the impact these tools have on learning. Samples of our work can be
found at
The CREATE Lab is looking for a junior web designer intern that can help us design and build
software solutions/materials for various research initiatives and projects.
The candidate should be well-versed in front-end programming languages such as HTML5,
CSS and Javascript/Jquery and have a solid conceptual understanding of the front end
technologies. Experience with working with ReactJS, ReactJS Bootstrap and SASS and APIs is
a plus!
If you are interested in this position please reply with your CV, cover letter and a link to your
work to Al Olsen at

Thank you,