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Internship: Software Development for Natural History Museums


## Overview

We are currently looking for a software developer to help us develop a series of touchscreen interactives for a natural history museum.  These interactive kiosks will help share stories that are otherwise challenging to share through fossils, objects, and static signage.  Examples include showing 3d representations of archaeological dig sites, showing how we use fossils to deduce the movements of ancient organisms, and providing cultural context to objects.

We are looking for a candidate to intern with us full-time in January, with the option to continue throughout 2023 in a part- or full-time capacity if desired.  While our studio is based in Las Vegas, NV, this position would be fully remote. Compensation will start at $25 / hour, with compensation scaling to match experience.

If the role below sounds like you, send a note to 

## The Role

The ideal candidate has experience with desktop application development in C++ for Windows.  They’re self-motivated, interested in museums and the culture, and looking for experience working amongst a diverse team of different skills.

We have no hard rules for experience or qualifications.  That being said, there are some qualities and experience we’re looking for:

### High Priority Skills

  • Software development in C or C++
  • Experience with development and debugging in Visual Studio
  • Familiarity with using GitHub for developing in a team environment

### Helpful Skills

  • Familiarity with Cinder software library (

  • Familiarity with integrating third-party software libraries

  • Familiarity with concepts of human-computer interaction

  • Familiarity with concepts of user experience (UX) design

### Potential Projects

  • Rendering animated (rigged) 3d models of prehistoric life

  • Integrating GPU-accelerated video playback through FFMPEG

  • Creating accessible interfaces for use by blind / vision-impaired visitors

## About Sitara Systems

At Sitara Systems, we aim to create interactive works that challenge audiences to think critically about the future so that they can shape it.  We take ideas about complex systems and break them down into easy-to-digest pieces; we provide opportunities to reflect on the things that are important to us; and we create experiences that give audiences a sense of wonder and inspire them to do more.

While we’re experts in technology and design, our work takes us across a variety of domains.  We create museum exhibitions, brand activations, and commissioned artworks for institutions around the world.

Sitara Systems is committed to an inclusive workforce; we strive to be a place where a diverse mix of talented people can do their best work.  We strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, and gender nonconforming candidates to apply.  You can read more about our statement on racial and economic justice at