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INTERN: Seeking 2 Interns for “The Thought Experience”

Seeking 2 Interns for “The Thought Experience”

“The Thought Experience” is an installation in Times Square, New York, for 8 weeks total: 03/27/2023 to 05/27/2023. The installation’s exhibits deal with climate change, racism, recycling, food waste, inequality, the ineffectiveness of government, gun violence, endangered species + mass extinction, and more of our world’s current crises. Housed in a ChaShaMa space, the exhibit plans to raise awareness of these issues and provide easy / medium / hard calls to action to combat them.

We are looking for 1 or 2 responsible interns to help us with manning the welcome desk, marketing, and acting as an extra pair of hands for 7-8 weeks in April & May 2023. We believe it will be a fun, unique, short-term opportunity for a grad or undergrad interested in the intersection of environmental advocacy, social issues, and art.


A weekly stipend will be provided depending on the number of hours worked. Interest in the arts, environment & social issues, is a plus. Networking opportunities with top executives in real estate, art, media, and finance.


This is an experiment so we aren’t really sure what is going to happen! There may be uncertainty, but it will be fun for some to learn about producing an art show & more.


Please send your resume and short cover letter highlighting any experience + interest and availability to by 2/19/23. Those with production and/or installation experience are highly encouraged to apply.

About ChaShaMa (from

Chashama helps create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world by partnering with property owners to transform unused real estate. These spaces are used for artists, small businesses, and free community-centric art classes. Chashama was founded in 1995 by Anita Durst to celebrate the legacy of theatre visionary Reza Abdoh. Chashama’s initial focus was on the production and presentation of a new theatre. Recognizing that a lack of affordable space was the biggest threat to sustaining a diverse cultural environment in New York City, we began to work toward securing studio and presentation space in Midtown Manhattan for struggling artists by partnering with Property Owners that provide unused space to Chashama. In the first decade, we secured seven locations on 42nd street between 6th and Broadway, presenting over 700 shows. Since then, we’ve moved from midtown Manhattan to the 5 boroughs and beyond, giving artists work and presentation spaces, as well as providing free art workshops in underserved communities. Currently, we present 150 events a year, have a workspace for 120 artists, and have developed 80 workshops in underserved communities.

About Roger Wu (Curator / Artist)

Roger Wu is an actor, artist, and tech entrepreneur. His work has been featured at the Soho Gallery of Digital Art, Arthouse NYC, the SuperFine Art Fair, and has been honored with a Webby Award. He is also on the board of ChaShaMa and Brooklyn Lakeside Curling. Recently he sold the travel influencer company he founded, Cooperatize, to Famecast. Prior he founded and sold KlickableTV to HipHopShoppingTV. As an actor, he’s appeared Off-Broadway, in various independent films, and Law and Order. (His first appearance was in Zoolander). He holds degrees in business and engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and worked at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley after graduation.

About Saryn Chorney (Guest Artist)

Saryn is a journalist, multimedia artist, creative writer, and content strategist. She has worked for multiple print and digital outlets, most recently as a Senior Editor at People, and previously launched websites for MSN and AOL. Saryn studied communications and film at UPENN and is a 2022 NYU Animal Studies MA graduate. Her research on African lion welfare and conservation was published in the journal Animals in October 2022. Saryn’s project, “The Last Lions Left on Earth” at Lionsrock Museum, is an XR (extended reality) interactive storytelling experience. Her bylines include Travel + Leisure, People, E! News, Marie Claire, Insider, Reader’s Digest, Popular Science, the New York Post, Wonderwall, Pawnation, and Towwn, a sustainable lifestyle brand.