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INTERN: SMIT Internship Opportunity (Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology)

> SUBJ: SMIT Internship Opportunity (Sustainably Minded Interactive
> Technology)
> SMIT requires interns for prototyping and programming of a hybrid
> solar and wind generator design. This project will require some
> electronics know-how, as well as at least a cursory knowledge of
> programming data-logging (Processing/Java, php or python is fine).
> You will be working to help engineer a prototype of a new-to-market
> sustainable design product with the SMIT team (including ITP alum
> Raphael Zollinger ’08)
> SMIT – Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology, LLC was founded
> by Teresita Cochran (ITP ’05) and Samuel Cochran (Pratt BID ’05) in
> the spring of 2005.
> SMIT is a sustainable design start-up company that is developing a
> new approach to solar and wind power. We were honored to exhibit
> our first product GROW, a hybrid energy delivery system inspired by
> ivy, at the Museum of Modern Art in the exhibition Design and the
> Elastic Mind (Feb 19th – May 12th, 2008). The prototype has since
> been acquired by the MoMA for their permanent collection.
> Our mission is to create Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology.
> We provide a sustainable relationship between our clients, our
> products, and the environment.
> SMIT’s work connects and provides for people in pursuit of a zero
> footprint lifestyle by creating a rich portfolio of products and a
> dense network of relationships.
> This internship is part of our Technology & Social Justice
> Program. Interns receive a $1000 stipend.
> For more information please contact Teresita Cochran: sita@s-m-i-