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Intern: Chant4PEACE

> I need an intern to coordinate and deliver various components of
> Chant4PEACE GPS cellphone application. Chant4PEACE is my entry in
> the 2008-2009 NAVTEQ Global LBS EUMA Challenge (Europe)
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> By cellphone SMS or cellphone call to European VoIP number or handy
> cellphone GPS application, the user can see her/his voice/text-to-
> synth-voice added to a chant for world peace. The cellphone GPS
> application marks the location of the new voice and shows a map of
> other nearby (as well as distant) contributors. There will also be
> a mobile web page interface and a Cellphonia audio mix. The intern
> and I will plan and deliver the various 1st round components to
> visualize and impliment the application. I plan to use the
> platform to make Chant4PEACE accessible on iPhone and
> Nokia N95 devices. The first judging of Chant4PEACE will be in
> Chicago and the application has a chance to be presented at CTIA in
> Las Vegas. Two of my applications have made it to CTIA before. I
> offer $20/hr. Some of the work would be done off site by the intern.
> Steve
> Steve Bull
> 917-912-4132