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INTERN: physical computing interns for Eyebeam artist

> Electronics, Physical Computing Intern for Elmo TMX Army.
> Eyebeam resident Adrianne Wortzel (July – November 2008) seeks a
> physical computing intern for a project to create an army of
> synched Elmo TMXs. Adept at building and altering devices via
> Arduino and Xbee. This project is in early progress. Our small
> team has already gained control over its arm and we are in the
> stage of tying to make one Elmo arm communicate with another.
> Scheduling is flexible, 2 days or more a week preferred. To apply,
> please send an email to interninfo AT eyebeam DOT org with the
> subject “Wortzel Elmo TMX” with your resume, and a general and
> technical description of some physical computing and embedded
> programming projects you have completed.
> —
> Adrianne Wortzel
> Professor
> Department of Entertainment Technology
> New York City College of Technology
> City University of New York
> 300 Jay Street
> Brooklyn, New York 11201
> Phone: 718 260-5588
> Email: