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[INTERN for Hire] 14yo looking for Internship Experience

14yo will work for experience
To Whoever you are


My 14yo son, Asher, is pretty geeky. He’s pretty darn smart, a good citizen, and he knows his way around software and 3D printing. I’m looking for an interesting internship opportunity for him. Might you be interested in working with a 14yo kid this summer?



Asher is finishing 8th grade at Anderson (a citywide g+t program) and will be a Freshman at Stuyvesent this fall.  He’s pretty good with various software (Sketchup, Scratch, Photoshop) but he’s especially interested in fabrication: He devours Make magazine / knows his way around 3D printers / spends a lot of time on / loves working in a shop space we have in our home (dremel, woodworking, Japanese saws ). To say he has a lot of enthusiasm for building things is an understatement — he’s very hungry like a 14yo can be and has elaborate ideas of what he can build. And while he is super smart he is also thoughtful and a good citizen. He truly loves learning and he especially loves learning from & interfacing with adults. He is both a good kid and a snarky teenager.

fwiw: He also rides horses and spends way too much time watching both educational stuff and junk (Big Bang Theory) on his laptop.


Last summer Asher worked with an ITP student several days a week…a letter of recommendation is available. He also took a Makerbot sponsored 3D printing class at NYU Poly.


Pls feel free to share this message. I’d love to hear from you.



David Lasday