AR and 3D shapes

Playing around with AR and 3D design in Processing.


import processing.opengl.*; import*; import jp.nyatla.nyar4psg.*; import*; Capture cam; MultiMarker nya; float r = 10; void setup() { size(640, 480, OPENGL); cam = new Capture(this, 640, 480); cam.start(); frameRate(15); nya = new MultiMarker(this, width, height, “camera_para.dat”, NyAR4PsgConfig.CONFIG_DEFAULT); nya.addARMarker(“patt.hiro”, 80); nya.addARMarker(“patt.kanji”, 80); } void […]



For the midterm, I wanted to extend my Voyeurism project in some way. My program connects to public (i.e. not password protected) IP cameras in 2 bars in Europe. The patrons of these bars are unaware that they are being broadcasted. While there is no expectation of real privacy when in a public […]

Cameras All Around

Selecting public IP cams to use for my Where-When assignment made me re-examine the ubiquity of cameras and what we expect of them. As cameras become more common, the need to record everything becomes more pressing. We record for surveillance and for the preservation of memories. We always need to have proof of that interesting […]


For the Where-When assignment, I built an applet that shows video feeds from 3 different networked cameras. The first of these cameras is located in a street in Lisbon, Portugal, the second a pub in Manchester, UK, and the third an internet cafe in Moscow, Russia.

I used the networked camera code as a starting […]

Let there be lips… and hopefully karaoke

A little background: I love Rocky Horror Picture Show. In the beginning of the movie, a pair of lips sings the first song in darkness. I wanted to replicate this effect with karaoke lyrics and/or the actual lips, but I had some trouble getting these items to work. Greg Borenstein made an updated version of […]

10 ideas for Skeleton Tracking

1) 2-person horse costume

2) controlling a puppet

3) using the human body to make architectural structures (“look, I’m the Eiffel Tower!”)

4) play air guitar/accordion/drums

5) turn a conga line of people into a train

6) multi-body part drawing apparatus (each joint/appendage could be a tool, like pencil or paint)

7) a game of […]

Spatial Literacy and the Jump to Universality

Deutsch argues that systems evolve toward universality, i.e. they keep changing until they reach a point where they have all the information necessary to adapt without limitations. For example, many civilizations had their own number systems, but most of these only had symbols for numbers up to the highest number that its users could imagine. […]

Kinect Hand Tracking… and Virtual Arson

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-Kim Ash