Augmented Reality Animal Parade




import*; import jp.nyatla.nyar4psg.*; import saito.objloader.*;

PVector[] test;

OBJModel RingModel; OBJModel Whalemodel; OBJModel Duckmodel; OBJModel ElephantModel; OBJModel Sharkmodel; OBJModel Guerillamodel; OBJModel Penguinmodel;

Capture nativeCam; Capture PSeyeCam; MultiMarker nya;

float rotX; float rotY; float rotZ; float spin;

void setup() { size(640,480,P3D); colorMode(RGB, 100); //nativeCam=new Capture(this,640,480); PSeyeCam=new Capture(this,640,480, “Sony HD Eye […]

FaceOSC with SketchUp Whale

(Video above)

Face puppet with SketchUp and FaceOSCSyphon in Processing. Using oscP5 and objloader library and all the resources at ITP!!!

For our midterm I was interested to combine 3D modeling with face detection software in Processing. The .OBJ loader for Processing library works great! Its got built-in getVertex( ) and setVertex( ) commands […]

Face Emotion Tracking with Arnold

Link to video:

Link to code:

‘Above the neck’ tracking.

Research 5 “above the neck” tracking by others. The Seeing Machines’ faceAPI, sophisticated face tracking program. One application of the usage. Face tracking with realtime mapping by Kyle MacDonald and Arturo Castro. Face tracking with moving camera. Face tracking for makeup artist. Face and gaze […]

The Gun Show


Skeleton Tracking with Kinect and Processing

my blog is here with the (super-rough) code:

10 ideas for skeleton tracking with Kinect

1- Built-in to furniture; i.e. Chair – acknowledges user’s moods. Adjusts comfort level.

2- Built-in to products; i.e. Flower Pot – robotic arm moves branches to personified responses of bonsai tree.

3- Built-in to architecture; i.e. Elevator Lobby – detects posture of elderly, pregnant or disable person, changes priority of stops.

4- Built-in to commerce; […]

Thoughts on Spacial Literacy-Tak

I wonder if parseable imagery will have comparable benefits for us as did with parseable text.

With parseable text we were able to advance our tools like the printing press and then computers for communication. Language is standardized and developed to be scalable with this advancement. By this we aid ourselves in our own communications.


Hand Tracking with Easing Dots -Tak


(if you can’t see the movie above here’s the link to my blog:

Everything worked! The code given during class was very easy to customize. I plugged in an easing code to show a small trail of moving dots as the hands move across the screen. In the hardware I did notice the […]