Let there be lips… and hopefully karaoke

A little background: I love Rocky Horror Picture Show. In the beginning of the movie, a pair of lips sings the first song in darkness. I wanted to replicate this effect with karaoke lyrics and/or the actual lips, but I had some trouble getting these items to work. Greg Borenstein made an updated version of […]

Face Tracking Godzilla | Dollee & Crys

Dollee and I took our discarded Godzilla from last week and used him for face tracking this week….

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FaceOSC Tests // Matt Epler

Code for grouped points

Face tracking

I was interested in creating something that censored itself using face tracking. I downloaded a “TOP SECRET” document about UFOs and then made it put a bar over the page wherever your eyes are. I also tried the opposite, having it only reveal the document based on where your eyes are, like a flash […]

Eye Iterate

Eye Iterate detects the eye of the user and captures the pixels within that bounding box. Those pixels are then translated and scaled to iterate across the screen until the user disappears behind the eye. The pixels will continue to update as long as the user remains in front of the camera. I haven’t […]

Looking out the Window

I’ve been playing around with using face tracking to help make images/renderings of spaces on a computer screen seem more realistic because of the way that they’re responsive to the position of our eyes. I think this would be an interesting thing to play with for websites. I have a bit more work to […]

But Then My Homework Was Never Quite Like This:

A good friend of mine wrote a “reply immediately” email to me the other day. He wanted to know if I’d be back in the Bay Area by the 2nd of June. He said VanHalen was coming to the Oakland Arena. Being of sound mind and stout heart, I responded with the affirmative, and since […]

Face Tracking – Elena

I did two short things with FaceOSC — first is that I “Cute-ified” myself, mapping some manga drawings to my face. The cute-ified me smiles when I smile. Special.



Second, I wanted to being playing with the idea of the way you look determining the outcome of a series of images — this […]

Particle Spewing

Particle Spewing