Sae: Future of Camera Everywhere

Probably the strongest impact of the ubiquitous presence of cameras would be found in the networked(or cloud) sharing of the images and their metadata. There will be images available from anywhere at anytime and whoever is in search of a specific image will have much easier time finding what he/she was looking for thanks […]

Future of Cameras Everywhere

The assumption that the proliferation of cameras will mean the increase either in personal autonomy or hegemonic power is based on a simplistic view of how technology affects our lives. In either case, we’re essentially saying the same thing: that optics technologies are simply a passive tool to be used by one subject or another; […]

Ubiquitous Cameras In Politics And Beyond

In theory, the proliferation of cameras should aid in the documentation of the truth. Smartphones are everywhere, ready to be used to capture and upload photos and videos with a few clicks. This accessibility represents a turning of the tables in surveillance, allowing the public to keep the authorities honest. But people are people, and […]

Cameras All Around

Selecting public IP cams to use for my Where-When assignment made me re-examine the ubiquity of cameras and what we expect of them. As cameras become more common, the need to record everything becomes more pressing. We record for surveillance and for the preservation of memories. We always need to have proof of that interesting […]

Proliferation of Sight/Sites

The threat of the ubiquity of cameras as a means of surveillance and state control no longer exists. There’s been a diametric shift of power from the state to the citizen as cameras become increasingly more accessible and technologically advanced. We as individual/citizens no longer need to fear to the dystopic visions of the future […]

Ubiquitous Cameras and the Future!

As cameras continue to become cheaper and embedded in mobile technologies, our interaction with images will be impacted dramatically. Already, we can see changes in the fluidity of image-authorship [when 100 images are taken of the same event, how do we codify a single author — the author of the event? of each individual photo?], […]

The future ubiquity of cameras

Access to cameras has greatly increased in recent years and will likely continue to increase. While I do not have any data describing the rate of increase in the number of images recorded, I expect that increase in recent years is massive. Improvement in the ability of computers to organize and interpret images, however, is […]

Cameras of the world 5 years from now

There are views that more cameras out there could mean two things. One is that We can finally get a grasp on what’s going on in the world. No longer can dictators and criminals hide from us. For once we can finally generate our own opinions on subjects that before, took an army of journalists […]

ubiquity of cameras | 5 years from now | Crys Moore

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Cameras in 5 years

2 changes that I see happening (not all of them, just a couple of many possibilities).

1. Enhanced personal vision—Camera phones enhance vision in one major way which is that we can share images and video in real time with people in other locations. So I can see the weird cactus my girlfriend found this […]