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The future ubiquity of cameras

Access to cameras has greatly increased in recent years and will likely continue to increase. While I do not have any data describing the rate of increase in the number of images recorded, I expect that increase in recent years is massive. Improvement in the ability of computers to organize and interpret images, however, is […]

Head-tracking image viewer


Face detection projects

SceneTap: using face tracking and surveillance to determine what bar you should go to. Google Image can categorize images containing faces to improve search results Faces are often tracked as ordinary objects that have slightly changing surfaces, but this discards information about the way faces are usually constrained relative to a camera that can […]

Skeleton tracking: gestural media playback control

Skeleton tracking

Possible uses of skeleton tracking:

guitar effect pedal: holding the strumming hand away from the guitar gradually increases the gain, etc. enable UI navigation when control using voice, a touchscreen, or a mouse and keyboard is inadequate home automation: the thermostat can determine when the house is occupied improve home security systems by distinguishing between […]

Jump to universality in visual and spatial data representation

What will change when we can encode spaces as we do language? I think that a language for universal description of spaces already exists. Bitmap images mapped to 3D geometry–and represented digitally–can be used to describe all physical space. Inventing a different means to ideally represent this data is a more significant task than the […]