AR and 3D shapes

Playing around with AR and 3D design in Processing.


import processing.opengl.*; import*; import jp.nyatla.nyar4psg.*; import*; Capture cam; MultiMarker nya; float r = 10; void setup() { size(640, 480, OPENGL); cam = new Capture(this, 640, 480); cam.start(); frameRate(15); nya = new MultiMarker(this, width, height, “camera_para.dat”, NyAR4PsgConfig.CONFIG_DEFAULT); nya.addARMarker(“patt.hiro”, 80); nya.addARMarker(“patt.kanji”, 80); } void […]

Augmented Reality

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to be honest I don’t like AR

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diminished reality

I played around with AR in Junaio a bit—my experiment can be viewed here.

But I spent more time this weekend playing with a Processing video filter that may be a component of the final project I’m thinking about, so I thought it would be more intersting to get feedback on that:

Time Capsule – Dollee & Crys

We made an AR app demo that would recognize and display videos of cultural icons like the singing trout from the 90s and dancing keepon..


Hiye and I are working on a larger project for the Connected Documentary class. It is a location-based documentary about the secret stories of New York. This is our first draft, which uses natural markers to trigger the video segments. One of our stories is about Washington Square Park, so we used the Washington Square […]

AR Tests

I like the idea of using AR in books. I thought it would be neat to be able to open my notebook and see a character talk to me. The end sheets of my notebook have a pattern of blue icons on white and I thought that it would be perfect to use as […]

Augmented Reality Animal Parade




import*; import jp.nyatla.nyar4psg.*; import saito.objloader.*;

PVector[] test;

OBJModel RingModel; OBJModel Whalemodel; OBJModel Duckmodel; OBJModel ElephantModel; OBJModel Sharkmodel; OBJModel Guerillamodel; OBJModel Penguinmodel;

Capture nativeCam; Capture PSeyeCam; MultiMarker nya;

float rotX; float rotY; float rotZ; float spin;

void setup() { size(640,480,P3D); colorMode(RGB, 100); //nativeCam=new Capture(this,640,480); PSeyeCam=new Capture(this,640,480, “Sony HD Eye […]

AR Massage Table

// Derived from the AR + Processing Tutorial on the Creative Applications Network // Augmented Reality Dynamic Example by Amnon Owed (21/12/11)

AR attempt | Hannah Davis

My aim for this assignment was to make one pattern reveal a basketball and to make another reveal a hoop, and then eventually have the basketball be able to go into the hoop….I got so far as to get the basketball and hoop to appear when their respective patterns are on screen. I want to: