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10 Ideas for Kinect

10 ideas for skeleton tracking with the Kinect

1) Change perspective of space in 360 degree view depending on body position. Have ability to touch objects and react when they are touched. 2) Meet yourself 10 second ago/yesterday. 3) Kinect projection mapping onto naked body. The projection shows the linkage between body parts and […]

10 ideas for skeleton tracking // Matt Epler

1. Virtual hackysack across the globe

2. Interactive Porn (would be in conjunction with physical objects with embedded sensors) AND/OR record your sexcapade and navigate camera angle and zoom anyway you want. Have sex with famous people (living or historical!), large fuzzy animals, aliens, whatever. Each would require different poses, would suggest you adjust for […]

10 Ideas for Skeleton Tracking

1. Digi-Date, an instructional game on how to improve your dating game through body language and gestures.

2. Gait Date, an online dating community based solely on matching individuals based on their gait.

3. Sit Up Straight, an instructional game on proper etiquette in a variety of different environments. Users learn how to sit up […]

Skeleton Ideas | Hannah Davis

blog post here: http://itp.nyu.edu/~hed225/blog/?p=556

10 ideas for Skeleton Tracking

1) 2-person horse costume

2) controlling a puppet

3) using the human body to make architectural structures (“look, I’m the Eiffel Tower!”)

4) play air guitar/accordion/drums

5) turn a conga line of people into a train

6) multi-body part drawing apparatus (each joint/appendage could be a tool, like pencil or paint)

7) a game of […]

Skeletal Tracking Ideas

1) Use in treating phantom limb pain

2) Digital costumes

3) Tracking microexpressions for determining mood and/or deception

4) An aid for getting dressed or online shopping

5) Floating head

6) One-man band – play instrument with each limb

7) Diet tool – show weight loss progress

8) Gestural commands for computer

9) Swapping faces […]

Skeletal Tracking Applications – Dollee

Medical: 1) Diagnosis and study of gait 2) Bone Density Analysis 3) Plastic surgeons before and after demo Retail/Advertising: 4) Trial room applications that make you look thinner/fatter – Pose like a Model – Take a picture – Get featured on the Store Display/Catalog 5) Online shopping – you can virtually try on clothes/jewelry. […]

Skeleton tracking

Possible uses of skeleton tracking:

guitar effect pedal: holding the strumming hand away from the guitar gradually increases the gain, etc. enable UI navigation when control using voice, a touchscreen, or a mouse and keyboard is inadequate home automation: the thermostat can determine when the house is occupied improve home security systems by distinguishing between […]

10 Skeletons

1. Naked body mapped to skeleton

2. Naked body draped over skeleton that has its own moves – maybe the user will being to move like the naked body on top of their projected body – or his/her body is taken away with bkg/body cancelation so they’re a head with a moving naked body below […]