Scnery Project: Hanami

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Dynamic Bounding Boxes for Controlling Visualizations and AR Objects on a Massage Table

This project is an account of a control mechanism’s evolution. The objective is an intuitive interface for use in Enhanced Visualization Therapy. SimpleOpenNI’s hand tracking with the kinect was clumsy at best. It proved even worse than fiducials for AR.

Ultimately I decided to use closest point tracking.

In order to get […]

Final! | Hannah Davis

Final Project

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Augmented Reality Massage :: Final Project Proposal



Sakura in Fukuoka

Hanami or flower viewing is commonly associated with the act of viewing cherry blossoms.

I think I’ve found my idea for my Computational Cameras final. It has an intresting history that dates back to the 18th century on how a single flower can symbolize extreme beauty and a quick death due […]

Final Proposal | Dollee & Crys


Help me decide

What to do for my finals?? I have a bunch and need to narrow them down and focus on ONE project for the next two weeks.

1. Enhance the AR project.

I would actually move the AR codes into playing cards and laying them down the table would project different words. I was thinking of […]