Time Capsule – Dollee & Crys

We made an AR app demo that would recognize and display videos of cultural icons like the singing trout from the 90s and dancing keepon..

Spherical Panoramic Motion Capture

I’m not sure why I want this, but I do..

Over springbreak I was thinking about cameras and image formats and the one thing I wanted to research was.. Have spherical plates been developed and experimented with instead of flat ones to capture images..?

Principles of Panoramic/Spherical Photography so far include:

– Images […]

Calling our camera Bob – Crys Moore and Dollee Bhatia

In an active phone connection with the camera, dialing 1 would move it to the left, 2 would set it in the center and 3 would move it to the right. There are a lotta moving pieces in this project and the flow of data is currently setup like this:

Phone –> Asterisk (Phone Server) […]

Dial 5 for the IP Camera

I wanted to build a phone interface to control cameras on an arduino. Step 1 in that direction was building a sinatra interface for the phone -i.e. access an IP camera by dialing into the phone server.

The phone dialplan is programmed to redirect the browser to the IP camera on dialing 5.


Skeletal Tracking Applications – Dollee

Medical: 1) Diagnosis and study of gait 2) Bone Density Analysis 3) Plastic surgeons before and after demo Retail/Advertising: 4) Trial room applications that make you look thinner/fatter – Pose like a Model – Take a picture – Get featured on the Store Display/Catalog 5) Online shopping – you can virtually try on clothes/jewelry. […]

Spatial Literacy

What my brain is reeling from and trying to process after reading Jump to Universality

– The speculation that had the difference engine been implemented successfully, the internet would have happened a hundred years sooner. The victorian internet, which was a system of complex early telegraph systems indicated that humanity was ready for it socially […]

Monster Hand Tracker


Worked on tracking monster with Heather Valez. The code for the ‘mon mon monsters’ was adapted to work with kinect. Original code here.





  import SimpleOpenNI.*; SimpleOpenNI context; boolean handsTrackFlag = false; PVector handVec = new PVector();

Monster [][]monsters; int row = 10; int col = 18;

PFont f; […]