Hiye and I are working on a larger project for the Connected Documentary class. It is a location-based documentary about the secret stories of New York. This is our first draft, which uses natural markers to trigger the video segments. One of our stories is about Washington Square Park, so we used the Washington Square […]

Future of Cameras Everywhere

The assumption that the proliferation of cameras will mean the increase either in personal autonomy or hegemonic power is based on a simplistic view of how technology affects our lives. In either case, we’re essentially saying the same thing: that optics technologies are simply a passive tool to be used by one subject or another; […]


Elena, Heather, and I worked together this week. We wanted to create a program that would tweet a photo from one of ITP’s IP camera every time a person walked through the floor hallway. We ran into a lot of problems, and we were only able to execute some of our intended goals. Right now, […]


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Facial Recognition Research

Using your face as a music controller

Face substitutions

Face puppet

A field of stars

FaceWriter — typing with facial gestures

Thy Fearful Symmetry


Skeletal Tracking Ideas

1) Use in treating phantom limb pain

2) Digital costumes

3) Tracking microexpressions for determining mood and/or deception

4) An aid for getting dressed or online shopping

5) Floating head

6) One-man band – play instrument with each limb

7) Diet tool – show weight loss progress

8) Gestural commands for computer

9) Swapping faces […]


Deutsch’s “The Jump to Universality” raises some interesting questions spatial literacy. Deutsch argues that “a writing system based on an alphabet can cover not only every word but every possible word in its language, so that words that have yet to be coined already have a place in it.” In Deutsch’s model, an alphabet represents […]